Monday, 4 February 2013

Being Italian

It is getting so difficult being Italian. I am not talking about citizenship, of course. I am talking about being proud of living here, of being part of this country.

Election day is getting closer and closer, unfortunately that takes out the wrost of our politicians...
I keep on wondering what is the image of our country from outside Italy, and I can guess it is not that nice. I don't want to go through each and every thing that has been said in the last month, that would be of no use. But I would like to see someone else on that stage.

I would love to listen to a dream, to a wind of change... Even something idealistic, and too much to become true!
I cannot see where is going my country until we keep on voting the same people, sharing the same ideas, expressing old values...

I want something new just because I really love my contry, and by the way I feel proud to be Italian, and I want to feel even more proud. Not only of past things, of our great culture and ancient times... I want to be proud of what we are and going to be.

But I can see no way to realize it at the moment...

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Monday finds #1


Check them on!

Have a nice Monday

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Christmas is over

Christmas is over, and while everything is back to "normality", I can show you what I did for Christmas present.
This year I decided to have many simple and lovely presents, I also wanted to buy much handmade!!

La Tenaglia Impazzita is run by an Italian artist. Giulio is specialized in mosaics, amongs his marvellous masterpiece there are some beautiful objects that are much more affordable for my pockets. I chose a photo frame. It was the marvellous present for a family, and they really appreciated the artistic touch of this simple object.

One of my dearest friend is an avid reader of Jane Austen novels. On Etsy I found the perfect shop for her present from now on!! Pemberley Pond is run by Laura and Luisa Lodetti, two Italian illustrators. They hand-decorate marvellous notebooks, posters and bookmarks. recently Austenians chocolate is available in her shop. And I can assure the taste is fabolous!!

Christmas is also a time for remembering of ourselves, to have time to relax and every year I make myself a present. Wnadering etsy's marvellous shops I stopped by RickyandNina in UK, to buy a beautiful vintage box of stamps. They arrive in perfect time, in a safe package.
I hope my next sale come soon, in order to use them to decorate packaging.

Thinking about stamps I decided to give a stamp to my sister too. She liked them quite as much as I do, but I wanted something particular for her, so I asked to a French artist to make something special for me. Aurélie made a particular stamp shaped as a bassoon in very short time.
I wanted a Bassoon because my sister plays that peculiar instrument. t is not very popular, and so anytime she finds anything related to it she is enthusiastic!! And she loved the stamp at first sight!

Buying handmade you can be sure that your presents are unique. You also say to those who receive it that you care for them.

Another great advantage is buying online: few moments to decide what you want and you'll get it without any effort!
I'm very happy that etsy made me in contact with these extraordinary word full of extraordinary people.
Christmas is over, and my present are full of life!!