Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I think a piece of  jewelry should be something that you wear without thinking about it. it should be not heavy, and must give you a touch of something.

With this idea I have prepared my new necklaces:
 The steel cable allow me to put more and more beads with different light and colours, without adding so much weight!

I use mainly natural semi-precious stones. Smooth or faceted, that doesn't matter if the colours are well combined.

I always think: would I wear something like that?

I know that could narrow my view, but I'm not going to sell you something I wouldn't wear myself!

Sometime this thing becomes a problem, because I want to keep them for myself and not to put them in my shop...

But the marvellous thing about doing jewels yourself is that you can have one and sell another..

Monday, 19 November 2012

Starting sales...

Time has come, and after some months I had my first sale on etsy!!
This bracelet of mine was send to France. Hopefully it will become a fine present for someone.

I wanted it to be a present just as it came out from the envelope! I hope my packaging could render the idea!

It was a great emotion to prepare it from someone who considered my work valuable!

From my hands to their hands...

Soon after a new sale came.. just yesterday night! The buyer is a friend of mine who now lives in Germany. When I saw the order I smiled and then I thought she could tell me before buying. I wrote an e-mail to her and she answered to me saying that the price is already too low, so she doesn't want any discount for her purchasing ...
My very first earrings are going to become the present for a friend of hers ...
I'm very happy about it, I perfectly know that my friends see what I do with "the look of love", but I can't help appreciating their words so much!