Monday, 15 October 2012

Food, or not?

Etsy is much more than a marketplace, it is a world where you can find almost everything!!

One of the prettiest things I found in my wandering is a particular kind of jewellery:
Food jewellery
Miniature of food used as earrings, rings, brooch, etc... are very popular, not only on Etsy!
What I personally adore are those miniatures where you could mistake them for real food and even eat them.

Aren't they gorgeous?!

1. (up left) Allart's kitchen:
Chiara sends her beautiful pieces from Bologna! Her pictures are really funny, and she knows how to make her customer hungry, for sure.
In her shop you can find any kind of pastries! Entering her shop is like entering a real kitchen!!

2. (up right) Bijotti&Ciciotti:
Cristina does much more than food miniature, her jewels are fun and cool, and dreamy and... many much more!! She is a real artist in what she does!
Her shop deserves more than a look!

3.(down left) Le chou chou Bijoux:
Paola has a particular retrĂ² style that make her jewels extraordinarly fine! You could think that she is a very British lady, but she is not. Particularly skilled in cups of tea, she lives in the north of Italy, while her origin are from the south.
Let's have a cup of tea with her!

4. (down right) Amabito:
Roberta's works are peculiar for one single main reason. She makes glass on her own! That would be enough to have a serious look at her jewellery: All her beads are totally handmade by her. These cupcakes are made of real glass, that's quite new if you think that usually food miniature are made in polymer clay...
What are you waiting for? Go and see her incredible art!!

That's about four particular crafter that I have found on etsy, of course if you go directly into the cauldron you can find even more!!
I like food jewellery, and I made a particular present for a friend of mine through etsy, a tray of biscuits! She really appreciate it, it is the kind of thing you can wear to go to work or to go out at night. Something that make your style more personal! And that made my present surely personal!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What's new?

Putting my new hobby on Etsy made me think a lot about what I am doing...
Now when I create something I try to be as "original" as possible, though that is not always easy!!

My new life on etsy is also something I am never tired to talk about with my friends. One of them seemed particularly interested in this world, but he is not very confident with computers and social media. He is a goldsmith and he is trying to find a way foe his job in this particular moment.

Thus I thought about a collaboration among us! I cannot but learn from him about jewlry, and I can be of some use to introduce him to social world!

The first result of this collaboration is this woderful pair of earrings: 

These beautiful earrings are in copper. a leaf of metal hammered to obtain the particular effect of reflecting light. The greatest thing of these earrings (in my opinion) is that they are particularly light but spactacular, so easy to wear, while give you a touch.

stay tuned to know what is going to come!!