Friday, 26 October 2007

Two weeks exploring blogosphere...

Two weeks clicking on blue and green words, new windows that showed me what I was looking for, or that showed me something completely different from what I was looking for... I have seen a lot of curious things, and I could not imagine that it could be so... huge?
I found interesting going to see those blogs, and sometimes I left a message, just to say "I've been here, and I like your blog, and I want you to know it..."

What I found extremely difficult is to write something in my blog! Before deciding what I could put in, I thought "would it be interesting, or is it just boring, and nobody would read it?!". That is probably because I did not decide myself to make a blog, and so I have not a precise idea of what I want it to be (for example I think I will change the title as soon as I found something striking and not banal...).

As a language activity I think that could be helpful! Going around to read something from native speakers is surely a good way to improve your vocabolary, but of course you should be careful, there are many wrong or "unpolite" uses of the language you should avoid rather than learn!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

welcome to my blog!

Hello everybody!

This is my very first blog, and my very first welcome message!
Our task in the English course this year is to create our blog, and that is a completely new experience for me. I like navigate the Web, but that's the first experience of a blog I do!
I've been looking around in other student's blog to see what they wrote, or how they organized their blog...

There are some websites I visit very often: one is obviously that of the university (, I have to check information about the courses and so on; then I often go to read some news on the website of The Independent, I like reading some news from a different point of view, and sometimes it is interesting to read how other countries see Italy.

The picture I chose represent one of my great passion: I like mountain, and most of all I like to go walking in summer time when there is no, or little, snow. When you've been walking for an hour or more the way you look at the landscape is different...